Brazilian Esthetic Clinics


Brazilian Esthetic Clinics are associated with Dr. Toni Nassar, an internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and member of SBCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery). Our clinics make use of the most advanced techniques and offer a full range of aesthetic services, laser skin care procedures, aesthetic plastic surgery, hair transplant, cosmetic dentistry, and gyneco-plasty.

Dr. Nassar’s Hospital is a specialized center in plastic surgery throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. He is a reference point in the field of cosmetics. Thus, patients from all around the world hail for consults and high quality services. It is our mission to satisfy your needs and desires. Every member of our medical, aesthetic and client support team is dedicated to help make your experience an enjoyable and gratifying one.
Every day, we receive clients from different countries ans usually from the Gulf region ,Europe,Australia,Russia and Africa,we offer them an advanced system help in accommodation and treatment.


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