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Filler Removal

If you have had fillers and you’re not satisfied with the results, Dr. Toni Nassar has the answer for you. Typically, patients seeking reversal have experienced imperfections from fillers such as lumps, bumps, over-enhanced areas, or asymmetrical features.

The use of silicone or any other permanent substance to fill the face in some beauty centers is an illicit act that can lead to a disaster even after many years.
Dr. Nassar is well known overseas by treating this problem offering a good result for hopeless cases.

It is very dangerous to keep the bad product in your face for long time, it is better to take it out as soon as you can by using our easy, fast, and safe technique.
Dr.Nassar prefers to use some injections in side the filler to dissolve it instead of a surgical treatment.

For further information about Filler Removal in Beirut Lebanon, please do not hesitate to contact us