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Lipofilling from donor areas such as thighs and abdomen, concentrate the fat cells and inject into areas of the body for enhancement, such as buttocks, and hands.
The addition of fat cells regenerates the skin, making it more beautiful and vital.
Lipofilling can treat your lower lid and enhance all your face.It requires the filler and can last more.

The procedure of transforming takes about 1 hour, it is done under local anesthesia, recovery occurs in two to three days time, and the procedure does not have contra indications, it is your own fat.

You cannot donate enriched fat cells to another person , you can use only your own fat for transfer.
It’s a simple procedure taking your own fat and sculpting the part to be treated in less then 1 hour of time.It is natural.It is your own fat.
Dr.Nassar prefers to use it in several cases, thats why the consultation is very important

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