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Vital Face

Many years ago, researchers tried to find a product to stop the process of ageing.
A miracle panacea is now used by Dr. Toni Nassar by injecting in the facial tissue a special mixture of natural absorbable products. It is “VITAL FACE”. This technique gives you facial rejuvenation with a shiny face.

“VITAL FACE” is composed of special proteins and fillers. These proteins contain 19 kinds of amino acids called fibrous scleroproteins, interchelated with natural collagen.

Experienced by numerous clients of Dr. Toni Nassar, “VITAL FACE” is having high satisfactory results because it gives your face a glow and shiny effect from the first injection which lasts for months in a natural way.

“VITAL FACE” is the efficient anti–aging treatment ever used, as per our clients say.

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