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Plastic surgery Beirut

Plastic surgery has long been wildly popular in all over Beirut and Lebanon. Despite decades of war and political instability in this tiny country, the well-known image of meticulously preened and beautiful Lebanese women has endured. Beirut is the center of everything in the Arab world, it has been called the party capital of the Arab world, is famous for its wild nightlife, restaurants and liberal attitudes, but in recent years, the plastic surgery has exploded into one of the country’s hottest tourist draws.
“It’s very important,” said the head of promotions for Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism. It’s a brand here.
Doctors said that between 20 and 40 percent of their clients are tourists who came to Beirut specifically to get their nip and tuck far from the watchful eyes of their friends and neighbors.
The biggest draw for plastic surgery tourism or medical tourism in Beirut is the price, said Dr Toni Nassar, one of the best plastic surgeons in Beirut. Many procedures can be done here in Beirut for half the cost, or less.  “It’s cheaper here, and I think we have the same level of quality if not better than other places.”
Most of the foreign clients come from nearby Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Jordan. But recently, more patients are coming from Europe, Canada, and the United States. Nose jobs are the most popular type of surgery in Beirut, followed by breast implants and liposuction.
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