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It is a liposuction + lipofilling:

Vibrolipolaser is the best and most advanced technique for fat removal from all body parts and skin tightening at the same time without hurting the skin. It has a double effect: a mechanical and a laser effect to stretch the skin causing a visible retraction soon after the surgery.

The Vibrolipolaser has a benefit effect on the fat removal without trauma. After vibrolipolaser we can see less blood loss and easy fat removal at the same time, which means less ecchymosis (blue marks).

The procedure takes less time with vibrolipolaser to remove several liters of fat from the body within one hour of time. The vibrolipolaser helps a lot in the lymphatic drainage which means that there is no need for massage or manual drainage after the procedure.

Nowadays you can sculpt any part of your body by this advanced and easy technique by extracting liters of fat from your body without damaging the blood vessels and by enhancing the lymphatic drainage with fewer traumas and less pain after the surgery. The garment is recommended for two weeks after the surgery.

Viprolipolaser removes unhealthy and unwanted fat from the face, neck, back, thighs, buttocks, love handles, abdominal areas, knees, and many more, with less downtime and least risk under local anesthesia.
Dr.Nassar is very well know as liposculptor, he has a speciality in this field and he is famous in the end result of lots of stars.
He considered that liposculpture is the best way to make you loose some kilos and having defined waves at the same time.Pretty women can’t be flat, she must have curves in the waist,buttock and thighs.

Lipofilling :
The enriched fat cells injection technique is for increasing the size of any part of the body , it is a new technique performed without leaving any scar. For those who want to increase the size of their buttocks and do not want silicone implants, this technique is best for you because it offers a natural, aesthetic and lasting result. The injection of enriched fat cells has an advantage because it allows the surgeon to place the required quantity in the required parts, facilitating the modeling of the buttocks and giving a good sculpture or “Brazilian Butt“.

In this technique, the fat is taken out (Vibro Lipo) from any part of the body (hips, abdomen, knees, waist, back or abdomen), then prepared , transformed into enriched fat cells and injected into the area to be treated using a unique technique. By this technique Dr. Toni Nassar can offer you an augmentation and lifting without any scar or lifting without increasing the volume of the buttock.

The patient can resume normal activity after just 2 days, but continues to wear a medical garment for the next 2 weeks.

The result will last for many years.

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