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Enriched Fat Cells Plastic Surgery

Enriched Fat Cells are the future of plastic surgery and it is widely used in Beirut Lebanon but it is quite advanced and requires specialized surgical and artistic skills.


Lipofilling from donor areas such as thighs and abdomen, concentrate the fat cells and inject into areas of the body for enhancement, such as buttocks, and hands. The addition of fat cells regenerates the skin, making it more beautiful and vital. Lipofilling can treat your lower lid and enhance all your face.It requires the filler […]

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Enriched Fat Cells

Enriched Fat Cells used in the treatment of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and skin irregularities thus improving the appearance and function of skin tissue by regenerating the dead cells. Lipofilling of Enriched Fat Cells consists of removing fat cells from one part of the body with a very thin cannula to prepare it in a specific […]

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