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Sometimes, people feel that having cosmetic surgery will help to solve a problem in their life and will make their life better.  It’s important to ask yourself why you want to.
In recent years, cosmetic surgery has become very popular in Lebanon. It’s estimated that over 75% of surgical procedures were performed in Lebanon during 2013 are cosmetic surgeries. And about 9 in every 10 these procedures are carried out on women. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, are even more popular than surgical procedures, accounting for over 90% of all cosmetic procedures in Lebanon.
1 in 3 women has undergone some form of aesthetic surgery,  Men are also starting to do the same, between 20 and 25% of the people going under the knife are now men…   These surgeries are particularly popular among men and women from Lebanon, at any age.
“If summer means anything in Lebanon, it is all about showing off”
If you decide to have this kind of surgery, it’s important that the surgeon and other healthcare professionals carrying out the procedure are fully qualified and experienced in the type of procedure you’re having. You should discuss the procedure in detail with your surgeon. Ask as many questions as you need to so that you’re fully aware of what the procedure involves, how it will be carried out, what the results will be and whether there will be any after effects.
Dr. Nassar Hospital is considered one of the best specialized centers in plastic and aesthetic surgery throughout Lebanon.  Dr. Nassar Hospital is a reference point in the field of plastic and Cosmetics in Lebanon.  Thus, patients from all around the world hail for consults and high quality services.  Dr Nassar Hospital is a new concept of a private luxurious hospital that can be all offered and closed to you and only you.  At Dr. Nassar hospital you will experience a 6 star private hospital well known by its hospitality, generosity, high level of medical care and unique esthetic and plastic surgery consultation and treatment by the famous Dr Toni Nassar himself.  The Hospital is a smart building using the automation system to give you all the comfort at your bed in the chosen suite.  Each suite has its own theme and characteristics which vary from oriental to tropical, fashion, classic and to modern one with all the accessories needed for your taste.