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    A wide range of cosmetic surgeries in the MENA region, using the most recent and advanced techniques.

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    Internationally recognized member of the Brazilian Society, nominated by the French TV M6 as “the plastic surgeon of the stars” in 2010.

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    We are a reference for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery In Lebanon


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    Lory Lory Bedneh, Dr Toni Nassar
  • I want to thank you for my surgery, it was a very smooth and the surgery was very successful. Thank you again

    Jeandarc Kalim, Dr Toni Nassar
  • Dear Doctor ,Your tender touch and your art work,would put Da vinci to shame. Be blessed always . your kind heart are priceless.

    Margo Bedrossian, Brazilian Esthetic Clinics
  • Charismatic…and highly talented Dr. Toni Nassar

    Nadia Ladkani El Deraidy, Dr Toni Nassar
  • Genius and talented, we are proud of you Dr. Toni Nassar

    Souhaila Atallah, Dr Toni Nassar
  • Best doctor ever!! Very clever and decent. keep up the good work

  • I’m thankful To Dr. Toni for his touch on my face & I’m more than happy after the results of a corrective nose surgery! I wish him all the success in the world !

    Maria Chaanine, Dr Toni Nassar
  • You are the Best (Best plastic surgeon in lebanon)
    Vous êtes le Meilleur

    Mireille Cressot, Dr Toni Nassar
  • Very nice Docteur souhait de bonheur

    Hind Salame, Dr Toni Nassar
  • The best.

    Ibtihal Shakarna, Dr Toni Nassar

Botox can treat not only your wrinkles but also your over sweating. It is used for various cosmetic and medical procedures. In Brazilian Esthetic Clinics Dr. Toni Nassar uses a special dose and kind of Botox associated sometimes to a filler that gives you...

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Increase the volume of the breast by using a natural end result silicone implants. Indications: • Small breast • Tuberous breasts • Breast malformation • Breast aplasia • Sagging breast • Assymetry • Breast ptosis • Breast reconstruction after cancer Breast augmentation...

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Lipo Sculpture

Liposculpture is defined as the removal of fat from deposits beneath the skin. At Brazilian Esthetic Clinics we use the Vibrolipolaser to remodel your body fat by heating effect under the skin. Dr. Toni Nassar can take out the fat and tighten the skin...

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The Mesoglow is a technique used for rejuvenation. Used to treat: • Fines lines • Skin having lost its plumpness and glow due to aging or sun exposure • Skin of the face, neck , chest and hair. Mesoglow gives an immediate radiance, prevents the skin from...

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Acne Scar Treatment

With radio frequency treatments, energy waves penetrate the surface of the skin and treat the dermal layer underneath without too much disruption to the outer skin layers resulting in a softer, smoother and younger looking skin. It is a serial treatment needing more than one session. The sessions depends on...

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Nose Job

When you meet someone for the first time your eyes look directly to the centre of his/her face, and mainly to his/her eyes, nose and lips. That’s why your nose is so important in the harmony of your face. Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is...

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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock enlargement is a Cosmetic Surgery Procedure that changes the size and shape of the buttock. This operation is mostly performed when the buttock looks too small or too flat. Body sculpting operations include the buttock area to accentuate the back and uplift the...

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Non-Surgical Facelift

Silhouette soft is the only product on the beauty market enabling tow joint actions: A lift effect as soon it is applied for an immediate and discrete result and a regenerative effect, for progressive and natural  result! it comes in the form of bidirectional...

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A tummy tuck is a body contour surgical procedure designed to smooth and flatten the abdomen by tightening the abdominal wall muscles and removing excess fatty tissue and skin. It is a real body sculpture by defining the curves. Dr. Nassar is well known for his...

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